Our solutions elevate your business strategy and support to help you and your customers make better decisions. We deliver better results.

Outsourcing solutions for all business

Outsourcing is no longer exclusively available to large corporations. Today, no matter where you are in business or in the world, accessing high-quality outsourcing options are at your fingertips.   

Resono’s solutions outline how outsourcing works, the benefits it affords and where to start. 

Understanding your business goals, we deliver results driven programs that streamline your workflows, provide exactly the right level of support you need, and enhance your brand.



A game plan is key to success.
We work with you to create a detailed strategy based can be rolled out with confidence and guarantee success.


Growth while your feet are stuck in the sand of daily tasks is impossible. We take care of the day to day business operations, while you focus on world domination.


Customers care is paramount to business success. Let us treat your customers with the respect and dignity you always have and watch your business flourish.


We are PCI DSS certified. Preserving the integrity of your business and customer’s data is paramount and our certification guarantees you of that.

How We Work

Want to become more efficient in your day to day business operations and customer interactions? We have a simple process that has a track record of achieving results.

No two businesses are the same so your solutions will be unique to your business and your operations.

Step 1 – Audit

We analyse what you do and how you conduct business presently

Step 2 – Gaps analysis

We identify at what is good and what can help you fly higher

Step 3 – Strategy

We create a strategy based on our findings

Step 4 – Implementation

We roll out the strategy and take pressure off your business saving you time and money

Step 2 – Review & improve

We review periodically and implement updates and improvements


Keeping our standards high is at the forefront of our service delivery. We believe in offering our customers the best. This is why we place significance on our industry certifications. Our PCI certification ensures that our SME clients reap the benefits of time and cost saving, and are3 able to provide security for their customers. 

Answers to Your Questions

What is outsourcing?

A cost effective way of increasing your productivity and business outcomes by engaging an external company such as RESONO or an individual to perform certain operations or provide services on your behalf. In our case we integrate as part of your business and represent you to your customers the way you want our customers to be treated.

Why should I outsource?

Outsourcing is a cost effective way to ‘hire’ a team without overheads such as HR, office space, payroll, training, time management, and more. We come to you with expertise in the services we offer and come up with a strategy that works for your business.

Where is RESONO based?

Our main office is located in Manila, Philippines - one of the world's top outsourcing destinations.

Does RESONO issue non-disclosure agreements and service level agreements?

Yes, upon project agreement, all clients sign NDAs with us.

How much does it cost?

We classify projects into a low, medium, or complex banding. We determine your banding based on the level of skills and training required for the role. As each solution is bespoke pricing varies for each customer. We are happy to review your scope and discuss solutions and pricing to suit your company requirements.

What is Resono's turnaround time?

Time is of the essence so after our initial scope discussion we endeavour to provide you with an initial proposal, including timelines and forecasted costs.

Will I loose control of my business operations?

NO. Your business and all of its operations will always be in your control. Our function is to support and consult. The final decisions will always be yours and there will be contracts in place to protect our agreements.

Is it high risk because it's done in developing regions with unstable conditions.

NO. The Philippines is a developing country but is also included in the list of The World Bank Top 20 Countries Worth Investing In for 2018. It also ranked as Asia's top destination to outsource. English language proficiency is easily the highest in the region, and the pool of talented and motivated workers across many industries will exceed your expectations.

Is the affordability due to low-quality labour?

NO. There are a variety of highly skilled and technical jobs outsourced to us that require critical thinking, experience, training, and skills, such as engineering and design, IT and software development. Like any business transaction, the quality of work will depend on the provider you choose and the terms to which you agree. We don’t cut corners. We deliver the best, most affordable solutions.

Is outsourcing just for big business?

NO. Companies of all sectors and sizes can, and do utilise outsourcing services – it's not just for the conglomerates anymore. RESONO specialises in bespoke solutions for start-ups and SMEs to help grow their business. We believe in grassroots and growth and want to support companies on their way to great things,

Does outsourcing create language barriers and terrible customer experiences.?

NO. English proficiency in the Philippines ranks No. 2 out of 21 Asian nations and No. 14 out of 88 countries worldwide.

Tertiary educated millenials with an array of brilliant skills and experiences in the Philippines are looking for ways to work with us, and you. There are always cultural differences, but we are experts at aligning our services with your expectations. Cultural assimilation of our services to your business won't be a problem. Staff working for your project will undergo cultural training and sensitivity to ensure that the right working culture is in place.

Do RESONO staff have tertiary qualifications?

RESONO employs staff for projects according to the project requirements. Each project will have a dedicated team which means the expected qualifications and experience required to effectively complete the project. This means no significant upskilling and training is required, keeping your costs at an affordable rate.


To move forward in any game a strong strategy is required. We work with you to assess your business operations and goals for the future and develop clear support strategies that will support your business growth. Rather than apply a blanket solution to your business operations we map our deliverables against your outcome plans and align your business for the best possible outcomes. 

That this means for you is we are 100% beside you as your business takes on new challenges, procedures, products or services and because we’ve worked together on the support program, you know we are delivering for growth success.


  • Business process analysis
  • Strategic consultation and planning
  • Implementation
  • Digital Marketing strategy


We recognise that many business are built on the day to day tasks that are it’s engine. As businesses grow more and more resources are required to maintain the engine and without scalable support a business can not flourish and grow.

We relieve you of the daily tasks so that you can focus on the larger more important aspects of your business. From complex areas such as fraud mitigation and revenue integrity analysis, to more traditional outsourced services such as payroll, risk management, performance analysis, data entry, data processing, document preparation, and more.


Financial and Administrative

  • Credit card fraud detection
  • Sales reporting/analytics
  • Revenue integrity auditing
  • Book-keeping/Expense processing
  • Payroll
  • Internal auditing/reporting
  • Risk management analysis
  • Accounts receivable/reconciliations

Human Resources

  • Staff secondments
  • HR and performance management

Marketing and PR

  • Corporate PR
  • Digital Marketing content management
  • Website design
  • Website content management
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Email marketing
  • Search Engine Optimisation


We use market-leading strategy and CRM technologies, integrated with AI solutions that help us understand and manage your customers. We integrate ourselves into your business so your customers are always talking to you, not an outside entity. We work to improve the customer experience and report our findings and suggestions all the way through our journey together. Our focus is on longevity of the relationship, customer satisfaction, customer loyalty and sales growth.


Through the use of telephone, instant chat, email, and social media we provide services including:

  • Customer support
  • Staff training
  • Customer data management
  • Customer / sales report design and analysis


Preserving the integrity of your business and customer’s data is paramount in today’s digital corporate climate.

Resono is a PCI DSS compliant solution for your business meaning that we can securely provide credit card and personal data transactions and data management services, ensuring your business and the privacy and security of your customers is protected.

Benefits to you

  1. negate the need for your own PCI DSS compliance* which is both a lengthy and expensive measure.
    1. use our compliance as your own;
    • as leverage for striking up their own merchant agreements with the CC companies,
    • advantage when attracting new clients – mitigating fraud. 

    Benefits to your clients

    Optimised security of credit, debit and cash card transactions and cardholder protection against misuse of their personal information.

    Note: Not sure if your company requires PCI DSS compliance? Get your PCI compliance report here. 

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